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Working With And Accessing Your Inner Child Part Two

As promised, we will continue to look at the inner child, what it means and how we can improve our lives by implementing the simplest of techniques.

The crux of inner child work is centred around self-awareness. You may find it interesting to know that a large portion of the population becomes emotionally stunted along the way due to varying life incidences. This isn't a bad thing, it's almost a necessary set-up from the universe to allow us the opportunity to re-parent ourselves, becoming truly self-sufficient. It's almost a rite of passage. This then allows us to show up in our relationships as partners, parents, children and friends with the kind of awareness that then permeates out into those around us, helping to alter their dynamics and lead healthier lives in general. Interpersonal communication and dynamic always have room for improvement, so why not be the lighthouse for those around you. It does require work, but worthy work at that.

I promised in the first instalment of this inner child blog that I would share some self-parenting tips. Here are some simple and effective ways for you to get started on this slow-burning journey. It is not an overnight oats, (thank you to my homeopath Martine for this wonderful phrase) but a gentle journey that WILL lead you to greater self-assurance, confidence, less emotional reactivity and an understanding that those around you are only doing the best they can with what knowledge and self-awareness they have. Quite a lot of people have little to no self-awareness so by you doing the work, you are also serving our planet through leading by example. This means the next time you have the same old fight with someone, you will react in a new way, helping to dissolve old patterns and move the relationship with those you love into new territory. You can do this!

Ok, tip number one. Hold your right hand on your chest, and your left hand on your belly. This energetically and physically mimics a mother's love, so it is perfect in times of uncertainty. Just hold yourself like that, take as many deep breaths as you need to bring yourself back to homeostasis. Cry if you need- it is just like a mother's hug so utilise it as such and release whatever discomfort you're feeling. This is for both men and women, there is zero shame in being proactive about your emotional healing. It is a private journey for you to share with only those you choose, and the practices can be done alone or in a safe container with others. We'll get into the value of women's and men's groups at some point.

Your inner child is yearning to be taken care of. There are all sorts of bits and pieces that make our inner child feel unsafe. So the goal is to remedy this. How? Ok, this sounds odd, but you have to see your inner child as your actual child, and prove to them that you have their back through thick and thin. Whatever needs weren't met initially are to be met now. You can do this by taking your inner child with you throughout your day, in the passenger seat of the car etc. Yes- exactly the same way a kid would have an imaginary friend. It's natural to have resistance to this as it in itself sounds childish, but be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater- this is an excellent practice. It takes the pressure off you focusing on yourself as much, so can greatly alleviate anxiety, and you will make better decisions for yourself knowing you have an unhealed version of yourself who is counting on you to teach them what trust is. It's invaluable.

It takes great humility to carry around an invisible, child version of yourself throughout your day. What's stopping you unlearn what feels 'silly' if it actually gets you ahead in life? Plus... absolutely NOBODY is going to know what you're doing. So why not?!

If you'd like to work further on this then book a session with me-

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