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Imagination Over Observation Part Two

To recap from the first blog:

Step 1: Be aware of your feelings.

Understand that your Higher Self is always walking your best life, so if you don't feel good about something it's just an indication that you're off your path, and to do something Self Loving to get you back there ASAP

Step 2: Be aware of your thinking.

When you recognise your thinking is low, try and pull out a list of things that make you feel good and either chant some affirmations or do something that brings you peace, joy or love.

OK! To continue, here are the next couple of steps here to help you reach your goals faster than if you did things the 'normal' way.

Step 3: Understand your low feeling will pass, like they always do.

When something happens that you perceive as negative, know that there is something here for you to learn, that you are being triggered due to something inside yourself that you don't fully understand. It is NOTHING about the person outside of you who is bringing you this experience, nor is it about a lack of boundaries. This is about something from your childhood that is showing up to be healed, and if you're blaming the person outside of you who is mirroring a situation to you then the only person you are running away from is yourself, so try and understand that in the moment, and when you're feeling less affect internally, you will be able to adopt the next steps more easily. Remember this is a journey back to self, a healing process so don't deny yourself the healing that you may not think you need.

Step 4: Wait for the low feeling to pass, don't force it.

When you're hurting, let it hurt, don't run away from it, try and pretend it doesn't hurt, make it stop hurting faster... fully immerse in the pain that it is showing up for you, and tell that pain that you're not going anywhere, that you're here to understand and here to listen. As SOON as you do that, the pain will feel heard (inner child), fell acknowledged, and let you know where this pain is rooted in or coming from. This is shadow work, and is usually a good time to record a voice message to yourself expressing what is coming up for you in that moment. It is amazing how quickly you will stop feeling shite when you stay with it rather than run from it only for it to show up again in another experience until you learn to sit still and be with yourself.

Once the storm has passed and you've had a good sleep, some food, a hot shower, a hug or some chocolate and things have returned to some level of homeostasis, now you are in a very powerful place. This is when you want to sit down and write a list of all the things you're yearning for. Could be more time to yourself, more money, a lover, a surprise trip away planned by someone else, a new experience that excites you, closer connection to your family etc etc etc... this is the time you want to be doing this. When nothing is 'wrong'.

It appears we're not done here yet as there are still a few steps to get through, so tune in for the third instalment of this mini-series to alignment and find out what is left to learn and get the hang of for your greatest and highest good.

Peace to all you mung beans!


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