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Imagination Over Observation Part Three

Recap from Part 1 and Part 2:

Step 1: Be aware of your feelings.

Step 2: Be aware of your thinking.

Step 3: Understand your low feeling will pass, like they always do.

Step 4: Wait for the low feeling to pass, don't force it.

Step 5: When your good feeling returns, use that vibration to ask for what you want

Step 6: Get into the Receiving Mode

Once you have taken the time to set your desires, let the Universe do its work. Your job is to know what you want, which is to cast rockets of desire out to the Universe on that specific vibration. When you cast the desire, make sure you can picture what it would feel like in your body to have that experience in your life. You are just responsible for the 'what', not the how, where, when, why and who part of the process. THAT is the Universes job. That is also, where most of us trip up by trying to micromanage the Universe and force situations in our life. Get out of your own way and be receptive to the Universe showing things upto you in unexpected ways- not the ways YOU think it is going to come to you. This is KEY!!!!!

Step 7: Expect your desires to show up

Even if you find it hard to let go of the idea that unless you work hard money won't just appear, trust that the Universe isn't bound by your belief system and is therefore free to find other ways for this exact thing to happen. We may think we're bound by the laws of time and space and apply them to our way of living but the Universe has an open-minded imagination that shall not perish under the self-limiting beliefs we love to apply to ourselves and the world at large. This is literally the concept of faith- that you trust that the higher power KNOWS BETTER THAN YOU. Yes. It is a hard pill to swallow but until you gain an understanding of that then how can you allow something outside of you to deliver something magnificent to you. Even if you've trusted that before, don't lose faith that it can be different the second, or even third time round. Things change, people grow, and the Universe had a large hand in assuring this to be the case, it only wants the best for us. To backtrack a little, I'm not saying you stop working and sit on your dot while the money comes, but put it this way: as long as you are chipping away and taking inspired action to reach your goals, the Universe can wave its big magic wand and deliver to you a faster, easier, more prosperous reality than if it were you just solely relying on you. Don't do that- unless you want to be a martyr and show everyone you're a workaholic. Nobody's handing out prizes for that, it's an outdated concept that being over-productive is healthy and that workaholism is admirable. It isn't- balance is, so let the Universe help you achieve this.

Step 8: Milk the highs when you're in them.

Whenever you have a moment in life where you're feeling amazing, stoked, lit, even chuffed will do it- oh my goodness please take 5 minutes to sit down and reeeeeeally set your desires forth. The most powerful energy in this Universe is love and life force vital life energy... Kundalini energy. So if you're feeling turned on by life then THAT is the moment you want to be embodying what it would feel like to be experiencing your wishes and dreams come true. Most importantly of all... DREAM BIGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!

If you're always wondering why the easeful life you wish for is always just out of reach, understand that it is nothing outside of you causing this, it is because you are literally going against the natural flow of the Universe, and making things harder for yourself than they need to be. The answer is here, right under your noses... so unless you want to cut them off to spite your face then it will likely help you to start to grasp just what it is here at our fingertips and to master it. If you're complaining about ANYTHING, you're missing the key point. Use that as a guide and have fun practising.

Take a chance on yourself and let me help you further!

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