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Imagination Over Observation Part One

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

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You know that expression "you're not doing it right"? It appears we've all been doing life a little awkwardly, but the good news is we're also all ready for things to take on a new view. One of inner peace, a calm nervous system, joy, excitement, inspiration, infinite potentiality, connection, satisfaction and fun to name a few. We all experience these emotions intermittently from time to time, but it's an auspicious season for us to be getting out of our own way and learning how to maintain these feelings as our new normal.

To aim for Self Mastery is a noble quest, purely due to the fact that the Hero's journey requires difficult challenges to be overcome. So should you choose to accept your mission, this too will test you, but you are absolutely capable of achieving this and I will do my best to walk you through what I understand about it.

Imagination over observation- why is this important and what on earth does it mean? Essentially, one of the reasons our lives seem to come up against us repeatedly and frequently is because we've been given a bum steer. Currently, we react to our lives via observation. Meaning- the situations that occur in our lives we observe, and we react according to what that currrent situation delivers us- whether it be 'good' (excitement over being offered a new job), or 'bad' (having your bank account drained via bills when you'd been saving for something carefully). This is what we consider 'reality' to be- the 'facts' that we perceive and how they make us feel. We make all of our decisions based upon what we see in front of us... and this is exactly where we've been getting it all muddled up.

You see, you are only ever delivered in your life what matches the frequency and vibration that you emit. For the Universe to deliver you the life you actually want, you have to be not only a participant in knowing what you want, but also a mindful being, aware of negative thinking and just how much that may be hindering your goals.

Bare with me! This isn't easy to explain and it may not land the first time, it will be an entirely new concept for most- but I assure you it will get you out of the weeds and out ahead of it all... wouldn't you rather be there? Let's keep going.

You will be delivered a frequency that matches how you feel. so if you're often in a low feeling vibration, that is what you will receive in turn. How to turn it all around then? Follow these steps and remember that it won't change immediately, but if you rinse and repeat this process I assure you the tides in your life will soon have you swimming gleefully downstream rather than constantly struggling against the riptide. Here we go!

Step 1:

Be aware of your feelings. You have an internal guidance system sometimes referred to as your Higher Self or Inner Being that permanently has your True North set in perfect alignment, running thoughts and feelings that are only from Love and for your greatest and highest good. Your best life is already lined up and available for you, the only thing you need to learn how to do to get there is to follow this process and slowly calibrate your way back to pure alignment.

Now because your Inner Being is always facing your True North, if you feel off, lost, confused, angry, sad, anxious, depressed, numb or anything similar it's just a way of recognising that you're steering away from your True North. The negative feelings are simply a contrast, they are your guide post to alert you that some adjustment is required. Queue step 2.

Step 2:

Now that you are aware that your negative feelings are just contrast, you can begin to use this Inner Being/Intuition to guide you home. As you start to tune in and really listen to your intuition, as soon as it feels off be aware of your thinking. You have 17 seconds before the vibration you are sitting on starts to pick up momentum and bring other similar vibration on to join it. So if you have a rough experience, acknowledge that it is something you don't want, but instead of dwelling or thinking into it, jump off that vibration and reach for a thought that brings you a different feeling. And for goodness sake take a deep breath! You're going to get through this.

It's not easy to start with but will gain ease the more you practice. An easy way to do this, is to take the bad experience, acknowledge it, but quickly flip it on its head in your imagination and picture how you would rather that situation appear. Honestly- this is the biggest hurdle for most because it seems so seemingly pointless due to our conditioning but let me assure you this is probably the single most crucial step to success. What do you want? To be right or to be successful and happy? See it as an experiment. You are a magnetic, energetic Being and if you see your thoughts like energetic velcro then you realise that nobody is creating your life experiences but you- so you may as well do yourself a solid and get this method under your belt for awesome living ahead!

I think we'll continue with the next steps in the next blog, so just practice listening to your 'off' feelings, and quickly recalibrating your thoughts towards how you would rather experience your current situation. Remember- what you observe in your life doesn't mean diddly squat- what you think however, does. So reach for the thoughts that give you the feelings you would rather experience in the near future. This is how you Command your own ship and evolve.

If you would like me to help you accomplish this with your own individual situation, click the 'I'm ready' button below to activate your evolution.

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