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How I keep my channel clear as a reader, for you.

I can't just walk straight into a reading and start pulling cards.

It'll be great when mainstream science has a big enough paradigm shift and a big enough ego death to start putting some serious research into the metaphysical field. Because I'd love to have a better understanding of how my gift works on a quantum level. Noetic Science (founded by Edgar Mitchell- 6th man on the moon) is the closest the scientific community have come to achieving this goal.

Here's what I do; I smudge with white sage or paolo santo (sage available in my shop) to collect and release any negative attachments/ energies. Next up I ground myself by standing barefoot on the grass, picturing a long, thick rope running from the bottom of my feet to the centre of the Earth, wrapping around a giant amethyst (or whichever crystal charge I am in need of). This anchors in the earth realm so that when I channel from the cosmos I'm not getting lost in it and carried away essentially!

I have my reader clear the deck every time, then input their energy into the cards with a clear intention if something specific is requiring answers, or just their general energy if they want their souls calling to speak to them (my favourite).

I banish any negative entities from entering the reading (one reason why I don't mess with tarot but that's a blog for another day), allow only the 5D realm and above to communicate, I grab my large selenite tower to act as a clear transmitter between the veil, and then we're ready to start.

That is the best way I can ensure a clear, concise reading. I also have to exercise due diligence by getting out of my own way and eliminate any self doubt so as to allow the information to flow freely.

Expect Miracles,


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