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High Vibe Food for Clearer Communication

I have slowly (over about three years), gone from being omnivorous, to pescatarian, to vegetarian, finally making the leap to being vegan, which is where I have felt the most satisfied and comfortable food-wise, and where I will now stay.

Without going into the personal reasons why (happy to save that for another day), one particular driving force behind my decision is that vibrationally, the food in a vegan diet are all of high frequency. See the thing is, what ties us directly across realms and to each other here on Earth, is energy. Everything is energy, frequency and vibration- just ask 'ol Nikola Tesla.

We have control, to a certain extent, where our vibration sits. If you think of vibration like the frequencies on radio channels, the lower our frequency the more static our lives. The higher the freuqency, the clearer the signal.

It is a challenge to make choices that encourage and establish a high vibration, but in the long run your life will reflect the frequency you sit at. They all fluctuate of course, as we go through our ups and downs, but it is for your own benefit to implement certain practices in your life that keep that buzz never tooooo far from the surface. It can waver and wander, but all in all when you come back to your base frequency it is one of high resonance.

I will post another blog about the various ways for us to lift our vibration, but to get you started here is a simple vegan snack I came up with that will raise your vibe, tastes delicious and your body will be grateful for:

Vegan party snacks


Seaweed rice crackers

Vegan cream cheese

Dill (herb)

2 x fresh limes

Cherry tomatoes (the smaller the better)

Salt and pepper


Spread cream cheese on however many crackers you want to serve up to you guests. Place a sprig of dill on each cracker, topped with a whole cherry tomato, squeeze lime juice over them all and finish with salt and pepper. So delicious and super easy 👌🏼

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