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Have you ever heard of the sister wound?

Do you remember what it feels like when you become privy to the information that other girls or women have been speaking ill about you behind your back? We've all had it happen. And, sadly but likely, we've all participated to some degree, at some point. This is a typical and far too common example of how the sister wound plays out in our modern generation and society. Primary school, high school, university, work, adulthood and even our elderly- not many of the feminine are unscathed when it comes to this ancient, active wound.

Fortunately, this is beginning to shift and change due to the awareness surrounding the sister wound. It's always awareness that creates the greatest change. Often, we're just flying blind thinking that we know what's up when we're playing out plenty of taught behaviour, coupled with our DNA memory acting out the generational aspect to this stale and outdated malady.

Where does it originate?

This dynamic between women stems back to the witch trials, possibly further. When the 'witches', who were all essentially healers, powerful women who were able to harness fortuitous magical, positive powers. They were women in tune with the harmony it takes to raise a village together, helping, guiding and supporting each other with balance and warmth.

The rise of the patriarchy was threatened by this magnanimous unity and began to burn women alive. Yep. Eventually, as things went from bad to worse women were forced into a corner where they had to betray each other to survive death.

This has resulted in the common competition between us as sisters, tearing each other down to gain favour. If we recognise where it came from and how we've ended up here, we can begin to process this healthily and heal our sisterhood.

How do we heal from this?

Firstly, we recognise that the sister wound exists. We then need to grieve the fact that we had our trust in each other and our natural state of harmoniousness robbed from our lives. Once the wound has been diagnosed, and we've grieved the loss, we can begin to repair. Holding each other up with encouragement, support, softness, co-operation and community are the ways forward to heal this wound.

There are plenty of women's circles available in today's world. I recommend seeking out a local group and attending, there is much healing to come from these.

I'm here with my connection to source energy, my trusty oracle cards and an open heart for those of you who need some quiet time with a fellow sister.

There is much work to be done.

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