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What Happens When We Die?

Nothing controversial about this topic, is there? Before I even begin here, let me place a caveat on this blog topic and state very clearly that I'm not audacious enough to assume that what I believe is the ultimate truth. Every single one of us have beliefs. Whether they be religious, atheist, spiritual- until the day comes where we take our last breath, not one of us can claim to be the knower of all things.

I have my own understanding, which I would like to share with you to take exactly as you wish.

When death approaches, your spirit guides will make their way over to you to greet you and accompany you for the next leg of your souls journey. This spirit team consists of past loved ones such as grandparents, friends, one or two of whom are usually appointed the role of your guardian.

The guardian is in charge of watching over you whilst you have your soul review. The first point of call is to enter a long period of deep, deep rest. The soul is no longer within a body, and the physical transition in itself to now exist as a light body is one that takes time.

While you're in your soul review, you see your life through your own eyes perspective, as well as the eyes of everyone you've ever come into contact with. All the 'good', all the 'bad', purely for the purpose of preparing you for which life you decide to take on next go round, if you decide to take on a new body for further chosen soul lessons.

We all agree on soul contracts to fulfil here on Earth once we come back, I was clearly drunk when I signed some of mine...

Once the life review is over which can vary according to the Earth life that was lived by the soul in question, it's time to choose another life, or to spend some time in the alternate dimensions fulfilling different roles. Some solely spent 'out there', some are combine roles to be still working to help the Earth realm and the people on it.

So much more to go on about here, but I'll save it for another day.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have arise from these articles.

Peace be with you.

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