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How Oracle Cards tap into the subconscious mind.

When a client comes to me with a specific question, the cards help to decipher what is going on with that person. There is a multi-faceted approach to how a reading is conducted, and the combination of information derived is what results in the accuracy many people are surprised to find they experience in my sessions.

You have the energetic realms, from beyond our reality of time and space. That's the hardest part for people to grasp, yet they are often convinced by the physical symptoms they experience, particularly goosebumps. If both myself and my client have them, it often is a tangible way of experiencing the accuracy.

There is also the specific card meanings, as well as how I interpret them as I read in relation to the signs, symbols, positioning of images on the cards and any words or numbers associated with them also.

Yet there is absolutely a scientific element that is often overlooked, and probably the facet I find most visceral, purely due to its resonance in our third dimensional field. The deeper realms of our consciousness, our subconscious mind, is always in the background, containing the information we need to take a step forward in our life, to stop us from feeling stuck. The shadow aspects of our mind (Carl Jung) are often the unintegrated parts of ourselves we have unknowingly hidden or pushed aside due to shame, misunderstanding, rejection and so on. These parts can sometimes be recalled, and not only recalled but accompanied with information previously not considered, or a gentle reminder to push further into self enquiry in relation to whichever element it may be bringing up. It's always a fascinating experience.

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