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Oracle Soul Reader 

Hi there Divine Human.


Are you feeling a little lost? Need some clarity, direction, support and a healthy boost in morale? Let me help put you in touch with your True North.


Life is unpredictable, sometimes throwing us curve balls or leaving us in a never-ending cycle of uncertainty. Do you ever feel like you’re in limbo? Or perhaps you’re stuck in a loop of repeated patterns, or utterly lost. Good news- your Higher Self is ready and waiting to assist in your evolution and growth. It is always darkest before the dawn, this is a sacred journey, nothing less.


Whether your concerns be in relation to forward movement in direction, career, love, health, finances, family or spiritual growth; this is a confidential space centred in compassion and void of judgement. Welcome to your safe learning ground.


My gift allows me to tune into your energetic field and help deliver messages to you from your Higher Self/ Inner Being, Source energy,  your spirit team and previously passed loved ones should they wish to appear.


The sessions are enlightening and loaded with golden spiritual nuggets to help you on your path. They really can be quite extraordinary, and have the benefit of accessing information and tools unavailable from traditional modalities. This is a mind, body and soul approach that considers you as a whole being, rather than just a mind and body.

If this sounds like something you feel would be helpful to you at this time, please call or send me a message on 0402 515 456 for further information.


She only let me write a line or two but I could write a novel. Everlush Oracle puts her heart and soul into life. She goes above and beyond for everyone and everything. If you get to work with her you're very lucky!


Everlush Oracle is very intuitive with her reading ability, she helped me see clarity and gave me a lot of answers through her ability to read the cards during my session with her. Will be using your services again A++

Face to face either in person or online, just bring yourself along without expectation and an open mind for best results.

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